Fall Cleanup

How to improve your home's curb appeal

Nobody enjoys gutter cleaning. Yet it's much more important than many homeowners think. Rain flowing over windows, doors, and siding can rot fascia as well as door and window framing. It can erode the soil around your home and damage its foundation, and also cause a wet basement, mold, and mildew. To help keep gutters operating properly and to protect your investment, try these tips: Read More

Make Gutter Cleaning Safer and Easier

Men and women who have tried to sell a home are likely familiar with the phrase "curb appeal." Curb appeal is similar to getting ready for a big date, only you're not dressing yourself up to make a strong first impression. Instead, improving curb appeal involves dressing your home up in the hopes it makes a strong first impression on prospective buyers, many of whom will have a strong opinion about the property before they even get out of their cars to have a look around. Read More

Use the Right Tools for Autumn To-Do Lists

Ask any homeowner and he or she is bound to have a to-do list of little chores around the house that need to get done. These tasks are made much easier with the right tools. Read More

Make the most of end-of-summer cleanup

Though spring cleaning might have the name recognition, many homeowners spend just as much time cleaning their homes in the fall as they do in the spring. Spring might be the season for clearing out the clutter, but fall is when homeowners prepare their homes for the long winter months ahead. Read More

Autumn Leaf Clean-Up

The autumn foliage can be beautiful to admire. However, once the trees are past their peak and begin to drop their leaves, autumn can mean lots of yard work for homeowners. Read More

Green ways to clean up leaves

Every fall homeowners are faced with cascades of red, purple, orange, and yellow leaves falling from the sky. Amid this rainbow of autumn activity, some people still have "green" on their minds -- as in eco-friendly ways they can embark on fall clean-up. Read More

Make raking leaves easier and maybe fun

Raking leaves is an annual event for people in many parts of the country. Some people enjoy getting out in the crisp, autumn air and spending a day cleaning up the yard. Others do not relish the idea of hours upon hours of leaf removal from their lawns. Making the process easier and more enjoyable benefits all involved. Read More

How to close your pool for the season

After a summer's worth of memories and fun in the sun, pool owners know it's time to close their pool for the coming fall and winter seasons. Read More