Snow Removal

Remove Snow and Ice Without Hurting the Planet

Snow and ice can be beautiful, but can also be treacherous and hazardous. That is why municipalities budget thousands of dollars every year for plowing and salting the roadways. Individual homeowners also maintain their properties through shoveling and salting -- but at what cost to the environment? Read More

Avoid strains and pains from snow shoveling

Snow certainly may be beautiful when it is delicately falling flake-by-flake to the ground. But when the snow slowly but surely starts to pile up, the beauty of a winter's landscape can turn into a formidable project. Read More

Safety first with snowblowers

Snowblowers make fast work of snow covering driveways and sidewalks, which makes them popular purchases for homeowners looking to avoid shoveling this season. But The Amputee Coalition of America urges safe operation when firing up the snowblower this year. Read More

Snow Plow Know-How

Manually shoveling snow can be back-breaking work, especially if a homeowner has a large driveway or lives on a private road not serviced by municipal street-cleaning. Investing in a snow plow hook-up and learning how to plow snow properly can be a cost- and time-effective option. It also can be a way for a landscaper to make some money in the off-season. Read More

Get the Scoop on Shoveling Snow Safely

Heart attacks, strain on the back, muscle spasms, and additional conditions can all be side effects of shoveling snow. A required task in many regions of the country each winter, shoveling snow could turn into a medical emergency. Read More