April 24, 2014

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Town of Clarence Board approves temporary conditional permit

BY: Kaitlin Fritz, Metro Source | February 18, 2013

The Town of Clarence Town Board met Wednesday, approving a temporary conditional permit for an expanded home occupation of a landscape business for Clarence resident David Christopher.

Christopher, who already runs a landscaping business from his home on Greiner, is looking to expand and purchase the property located at 7615 Goodrich Road. On this property, he will build a residential home, which he and his family will live in as their primary residence, and a garage that will store his trucks and equipment for the business.

Christopher expressed he will not be storing bulk products on the property as this was a concern of the neighbor. The neighbor doesn’t want large mounds of topsoil and other landscaping products to be stored on the property, causing an eyesore for the neighborhood. He also added that he will maintain the property and his goal is to have little impact on his neighbors.

“This will be my primary residence. I will be living there with my wife and kids. I plan to store all the vehicles and equipment in the garage and out of sight,” he said.

“I want to keep the place neat and maintained and organized and have a minimal impact on my surroundings.”

Another concern for neighboring properties is draining. This area is known for flooding and neighbors worry that if the land is built up, the water will run onto their property, damaging their homes and buildings.

Councilman Kolber, the only board member who didn’t vote in favor of the approval, feared that approving this permit could be a waste of money for Christopher and his family.

The permit is temporary and will last a year. At that time, Christopher will have to apply again. If neighbors come forward and express negative impacts that have been made due to Christopher’s business, he may not receive the permit again. Kolber was concerned that Christopher will spend the money to build his home and garage and will then be unable to run his business.

Councilman Casilio explained that this is not something for the board to be concerned about and that the reason Christopher had come before the board was for approval of a temporary conditional permit and that all of these additional concerns were not a matter of discussion at the time.

In other discussion, Town of Clarence Supervisor David Hartzell’s report consisted of transferring funs from the 2012 general budget, to the 2013 budget. This means that any money left over from 2012 will be carried over this year’s budget.

Also, new copiers are being purchased for town hall. The old copies will go for sale to the public on March 5, giving businesses in Clarence the opportunity to bid on them for their use.

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