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Terror Technologies brings zombie sighting to Western New York

BY: Jennifer Lysiak, Lancaster Editor | February 13, 2013

LANCASTER- Are you prepared for an impending zombie invasion?

Spotted all over Western New York, Greg Hinaman and his crew have a unique way of getting people’s attention and in doing so, they are able to help out a variety of charities in the area.

Dressed in torn clothing, some with eyes pale white, scars, and hands and faces bloody from eating and attacking the living, Hinaman’s company Terror Technologies, is an event promotion company and a first of its kind in Buffalo.

“We play dead so others may live,” remarked Hinaman.

Hinaman began Terror Technologies in 2010 as a way to publicize a haunted house he ran out of his Kenmore residence for 19 years at that time. He first built the haunted house with the use of static props, ones that don’t move, to eventually a full live actor house.

“I started garbage picking everything,” said Hinaman, instead of purchasing props at the Halloween stores. “When you go to haunted house you don’t see cute little things. You see beat up old desks and broken monitors. Things that look much scarier.”

Word spread rapidly and the house grew bigger each and every year, drawing in people from all over the area.

“It was one of the best attractions, not because it was free, but because of the people that put it on. It wasn’t just me. I put everybody together, but it was up to them to put a pulse to it,” said Hinaman.

While the haunted house is no longer around the zombie crew, which grew from five to 165 volunteers, can now be seen at different venues helping to raise funds, collecting food and clothing for charity, and even supporting blood drives for UNYTS.

You never know where you might see a zombie, but don’t be surprised to see a few walking among the living in local parades or helping out with fund-raising events. Also, anyone who throws a party or host’s any kind of event, are more than welcome to ask them to stop by, said Hinaman.

New zombie recruits are taught how to apply their makeup, unless they already know how.

“We entertain people to come on over,” said Hinaman. “Don’t worry about your costume. We will set you up the first couple times. And after they see 20, 30, or 40 of them [zombies] standing around doing their own makeup, they realize how easy it is.”

Hinaman added that it takes only about five minutes to transform into a zombie, but some people spend a little more time, and even make their own prosthetics at home.

“We have a very family oriented group,” remarked Hinaman. “We help each other and that’s what the whole thing is about. Teaching people how to do charity and giving back to each other.”

In fact, Hinaman and his crew were honored by the Western New York Food Bank last December for donating more than 5,000 pounds of food in the past couple of years, which they collected at different events.

“When we go down to the food bank we go down in costume. That’s a lot of fun,” remarked Hinaman.

They also hold their own drives for organizations such as Hearts for the Homeless, Friends of Night People, Tonawanda Food Bank; Make a Wish Foundation, and UNYTS, to name a few.

Hinaman explained 99 percent of the time people’s reactions to them are favorable.

“There is always the elderly couple or the ones that were scared as kids from the dark side that are our biggest complainers,” said Hinaman. “But we have very few of those compared to how many people love us. It’s the people who don’t understand what we are trying to do or what our mission is. They think we just want to go out and scare people. We’re good people. We really try to make a difference.”

Hinaman’s charitable nature stems from his mother who passed away in 2007.

“When she passed I built the biggest haunted house in her honor, because she loved it,” said Hinaman. “She was the charity person in this house. She was sick three quarters of her life and she was still out there delivering Meals on Wheels. I saw what she did and how pleasant she was with everybody that she ever met and I wanted to carry that legacy on.”

Terror Technologies has a full list of events this year. Some of them include:

• Feb. 18- AJ Jordan at the Forvm, located at 4224 Maple Road, in Amherst

• March 1- Spare the Zombies Bowling, Kenmore Lanes

• March 17- Buffalo’s St Patrick's Day Parade

• March 30- Evil Easter Eve Concert at the Tonawanda Moose Lodge

• April 18- UNYTS Blood Drive at 96 Niagara Street in Tonawanda

• May 5- Parahorror Convention at Rapids Theater, in Niagara Falls

• June 7- Buffalo Bisons Zombie Night at the Coca Cola Field

• June 28 to July 4- Riverside Friendship Festival Midway Booth

• Aug. 17- Run for Your Lives 5K in Batavia

Also, a big event for the company will be in May when they hold their fourth annual Buffalo Niagara Zombie Walk in May. In October, they will take part in the Prom of the Dead, held at the Ukrainian Center; SPCA Zombie Fest at the Niagara County SPCA; The Witches Ball at Hotel Lafayette; and the Buffalo Comic Con at the Marriott. Also, in December, at a date to be announced, Terror Tech will be holding a toy drive.

“We’re out there a lot,” said Hinaman. “This is only what we plan on doing. We will be asked to do tons more than this.”

For more events or information about Terror Technologies visit www.terrortechnologies.com, call 240-534 or email events716@gmail.com. Also, check out their Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/TerrorTechnologies.

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