April 23, 2014

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BY: Brian Campbell | November 21, 2012

The Town of Brant will once again enjoy fire and ambulance protection in the coming year, but unlike last year, the adoption of those protection contracts went much smoother this time around.

The 2013 Fire/Ambulance contracts show no increase.

As part of the new Fire Protection contracts, the Brant Fire Company and Farnham Fire Company will each receive $106,519, while the Village of North Collins will receive $10,652, the second year of their three-year contract. For ambulance services, Brant will receive $41,766 in its second year, while North Collins receives $4,678, also in their second year.

“I would just like to take the time to thank to Town of Brant for the consideration as well as the dollar amounts again this year,” Farnham Mayor Julie Gibbons said.

As far the reasoning behind no increases, Supervisor Leonard Pero said simply, no one bothered to come to the table.

“Nobody came to talk to me,” Pero said. “We asked them to come to the negotiating table and in the end no one wanted to come to the table. So we decided to go to the one year and pay them the same amount because no one wanted to talk.”

Pero also said that he sincerely hopes that the Town of Brant and their fire company will be able to return to the bargaining table in the coming year in order to discuss terms.

“I certainly hope so,” Pero said. “I really do hope so. Councilman Jeffery Gier was in charge of that as the town board liaison to the fire company. He contacted them a number of times and during the process was able to get in touch with and talk to the villages of Farnham and North Collins and they were happy with what they were getting. As far as Brant goes, they would not come to the table. Councilman Gier was able to talk to them but apparently they did not want to come to the bargaining table.”

“We’ve had contact with everybody,” Gier said, “and I guess everyone was happy. We are doing a one-year contract this time and hopefully we are going to sit down and negotiate.”

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