April 20, 2014

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Building Trades students aid in humanitarian efforts for cats

BY: Metro Source Staff | October 24, 2012

Anthony Molinaro’s Building Trades program has helped out in the community numerous times and with winter approaching they got a special request to help out with a structure to house feral cats. A local woman has been taking care of the feral cats in the neighborhood for 18 years and due to her efforts to have them spayed and neutered has kept the colony in a small manageable number.

“Feral cats had become a problem in her neighborhood and she decided to be positive and do something to control the population,” said Molinaro. “She has been feeding and giving them water twice a day. She has provided various means of sheltering them over the years and now that she is getting older she really needs a more permanent shelter for her managed colony.”

The structure has seven cubbies that can be lined with straw and will allow the cats to maintain their body temperatures all winter. It will be easy for the woman to clean and maintain.

“The students took a lot of pride knowing that they could help a community member with her request and help to keep some animals out of the cold,” said Molinaro.

For anyone looking for information on maintaining a feral colony you can contact the Feral Cat Focus at (888) 902-9717 or 434-7994 to have a brochure mailed to you.

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