April 19, 2014

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Science museum to open third permanent science studio on June 22

BY: Metro Source Staff | June 12, 2013

BUFFALO - The Buffalo Museum of Science (BMS) will open its third permanent interactive science studio, “In Motion,” at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 22.

Pushing, pulling, lifting, rolling…BMS guests can explore how things get going through hands-on exhibits focusing on physics, mechanical motion, engineering and organic motion.

Some of the experiences “In Motion” offers include:

•Gravity Machine: Watch Newtonian Physics in action as you transport balls through a maze of ramps, funnels and tubes.

•Crash Test Simulator: Use a touch screen to create and experiment with different crash test scenarios.

•Car Race: Race model cars that you build and customize.

•Gears and Pulleys: Build your own machine using your choice of gears, pulleys, belts and lever arms and set your creation in motion.

•Air Table: Create your own flying devices and test and measure their flight performance.

•Fluid Dynamics Simulator: Explore how aerodynamics and turbulence are affected when objects of varying shapes and sizes are placed inside a chamber that simulates the flow of water and air.

•Human Motion: Record the motion of your own body and measure movements like leaps, jumps or strides.

“In Motion” will also feature two interactive workshops, “Sparks” and “Makeshift.” Inspired by the makerspace movement that has spread into museums across the country, these workshops support learning in an informal, play-focused environment that cultivates an interest in science, technology and design by using new technologies and basic tools.

These spaces will offer scheduled activities where visitors can discover their inner-engineer with no limits except their curiosity and creativity.

“Sparks” is designed to inspire families with younger children while “Makeshift” is for more in-depth exploration.

Corporate support for “In Motion” is provided by Calspan Corporation, Columbus McKinnon Corporation and West Herr Toyota. “Makeshift” is presented by National Grid.

“In Motion” is the third of eight science studios completed as part of the museum’s overall master plan to install eight permanent interactive studios into the museum, each focusing on a different science theme, by the end of 2015.

BMS has already opened “Explore YOU” presented by Independent Health (health sciences) in March 2012 and “Our Marvelous Earth” (Earth systems) in Oct. 2012. The fourth studio opens in Oct. 2013 and will focus on invertebrates.

Entry to “In Motion” is included with general museum admission and is free for BMS members.

For more information on “In Motion” and the museum’s master exhibit plan, visit www.sciencebuff.org.

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