April 23, 2014

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BY: Rikki Cason | February 11, 2013

Students at Regan Intermediate School showed off their creativity Thursday at the 18th annual Invent-A-Thon.

More than 180 students in grades third through fifth worked individually or in pairs to create 117 original inventions.

Ivent-A-Thon advisor Susan Coffed said each of the students were asked to think outside of the box when creating an invention. All of the original ideas are items that can help the students, their family or the community. The students had to create a display, keep a journal and create an actual model of their invention.

On Thursday, the community was invited to view the various inventions, speaking and learning from the students about the projects.

“Watching these kids is so neat,” said Coffed. “I am proud of what they’ve done and watching them talk to the public.”

The projects were judged by a group of six teachers and former teachers and each of the students received a certificate and either a red ribbon or a gold medal for their work.

Fifth-grade students Gabe Lee and Ethan Wright participated as a team in the Invent-A-Thon again this year. The two decided to create Enviro Buddies, an environmental friendly fire starter.

Lee, a Boy Scout, and Wright, who camps regularly, said they wanted to create something that was safe for the environment and would start fires easily. Wright said their invention also does not look like a toy, which would discourage children from playing with it.

“It’s easy to start and doesn’t pollute the environment,” said Lee.

This is Lee’s third time participating in Invent-A-Thon and Wright’s second.

“It’s fun talking to people about our invention,” said Lee.

“I like getting to go around and look at the different inventions of the other kids,” said Wright.

Fourth-grader Daniel Pyskaty participated in his second year.

This year, he decided to create the Eggcellent Egg Carrier to help him at home. He said he would often break eggs carrying them from his chicken coop to the house. His invention is a plastic container that he can place the eggs in and has a sliding bottom, which helps to collect the eggs when he is safely in his house.

Pyskaty said growing up, he watched his older brother participate in the Invent-A-Thon and knew he wanted to, too.

“I liked seeing it over the years and what people made,” he said.

Fourth-grader Skylar Williams participated in her first Invent-A-Thon. She created the Exer-Sliders using furniture sliders and resistant bands.

“Too many kids watch television and play video games,” said Williams.

As part of the project, Williams created 10 exercises that can be used with her Exer-Sliders. To test her invention, her sister and family helped by trying the different exercises. She said with this invention, kids could still watch TV but exercise while they do it.

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