April 23, 2014

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GEARING UP FOR CHRISTMAS — Jake Miller shows off his great-grandfather’s 60-year-old Christmas tree baler, which is used to tie trees, for safe transportation. Photos by Jeff Martin.

BY: Jeff Martin | November 30, 2012

SPRINGVILLE —Jake Miller, owner of Jake’s Greenhouse on Route 240, is fresh off a season of growing plants in his many greenhouses.
Heading into the holiday season, Miller is already well into his next adventure: the erection of a red, 2,000-square-foot gingerbread-style building on his East Concord property.

It is not a restaurant. “That’s what people keep thinking it is,” Miller said. “It’s not. But it could be an idea, for later on.”

While it will not be completed until next spring, the new building – which will also serve as Miller’s home – will be ready for general use, this Christmas season.

Miller started his local business next to his grandparent’s dairy farm, approximately eight years ago.

This Christmas season, customers arriving to purchase Christmas trees, wreaths, holiday plants and flowers from Jake’s Greenhouse will now have some shelter from the elements. As many as 300 Christmas trees were set up on the business’s front lawn, beginning last weekend, and will remain there for customers’ perusal, until the week before Christmas, or until the trees are sold out.

“The place will look a lot different from in the past,” Miller said. “It’ll look like the North Pole. That’s what I was going for, with the style of the building; that gingerbread look.”

Next summer, the building will house a full-service farmer’s market. Plans are in the works for a deli, as well, but Miller said that that idea, as well as other additions, are tentative. “I want to go slow with this [and] make sure it works,” he said. “I don’t want to make too many promises, yet.”

The building addition continues what Miller said began as his dream of owning his own greenhouse. In middle school, Miller studied hydroponics, the process of growing plants without soil. In 2005, during his senior year at Springville-Griffith Institute, Miller began selling Christmas trees and homemade Christmas wreaths. The business was later expanded, to sell flowers.

NEW ADDITIONS — The red building (left) located on the Jake’s Greenhouse property on Route 240 in East Concord is expected to be completed next spring.Miller, his family and friends began constructing the new, gingerbread-style building early last summer, and he said that he is excited to show off the new addition.

The public is invited to Santa Night at Jake’s Greenhouse on Friday, Dec. 7, from 6 – 9 p.m. “We’re hoping people can feel like a kid again, when they come out,” Miller said.

A wide variety of Christmas trees will also be available for purchase. Also returning is Miller’s great-grandfather’s 60-year-old tree baler. “People come out and remember seeing it from when they were a kid,” Miller said. “I hope the thing lasts a long time.”

Jake’s Greenhouse is located at 11904 Route 240 in East Concord.

For more information, call 592-2199 or 961-8837.

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