April 23, 2014

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North Tonawanda Mayor Ortt announces Traffic Signal Update at Erie Avenue, Wheatfield Street, and Twin City Memorial Highway

BY: Metro Source Staff | December 05, 2012

NORTH TONAWANDA - City of North Tonawanda Mayor Robert G. Ortt announced new traffic signals have been installed at the intersection of Erie Avenue, Wheatfield Street and Twin City Memorial Highway. When travelling Southwest on Erie Avenue, there is a now a left turn signal when traffic is turning South onto Twin City Memorial Highway. In addition, there is a dedicated signal phase when travelling East on Wheatfield Street at the intersection of Twin City Memorial Highway.

Ortt requested that the city’s Traffic and Safety Committee, along with the city engineer, review this intersection due to the continued increase in traffic and the difficulty in making a left hand turn in either direction at this corner. Ortt also met with representatives from the New York State Department of Transportation and Senator George Maziarz office to get the new signal installed.

“I would like to thank Senator Maziarz as well as his staff and the Department of Transportation for their hard work and assistance in working with my office to address this issue. For years, there has been a delay in getting traffic through this intersection in an expeditious manner,” stated Ortt. “You would have to wait through several changes of the signal to get through if you wanted to make a left turn on to TCMH. It also presented several safety issues for our residents and others travelling through North Tonawanda. This will make the intersection less congested, safer and will help to insure that our motorists aren’t wasting gas idling at that signal any longer than necessary.”

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