April 24, 2014

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New way to get breakfast near the thruway with Tim Horton's opening

BY: Catherine Miller | December 27, 2012

SOUTH BUFFALO - Like dawn into the end of night it comes upon us. Slowly at first, and then without warning, it’s suddenly here.

The warm cozy feeling enveloping you as you walk in the door, the welcoming scents of cinnamon and coffee, and the light gentle sounds of friendly conversation. No, I’m not speaking of holiday gatherings, but for some, a more welcomed event.

It’s the opening of the newest Tim Horton’s Café and Bake Shop in South Buffalo.

Located on Seneca Street, just south of the I190 thruway entrance, and in perfect proximity to make a “drive thru stop” before heading to downtown Buffalo on your way to work, the long anticipated opening of Timmy Ho’s is here.

We watched the building arise from the infancy of its construction stages, and rejoiced when the exterior walls were finally displayed.

Now, just in time for the cold winter wind in Buffalo, Tim Horton’s located in the 1400 block of Seneca Street in Buffalo is open for business.

Tim Horton’s Café and Bake Shops seem to be overtaking our neighborhoods, displaying what a coffee and café loving society we are. In addition to bringing its mocha goodness to our area, Tim Horton’s creates jobs with flexible scheduling for its workforce as well as scholarship opportunities for their employees, and their employees’ children and grandchildren.

Other positive promotions of Tim Horton’s chain include the establishment of the Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organization providing fun-filled camp environments for economically disadvantaged children, and ongoing environmentally friendly corporate programs and practices designed to promote a greener environment.

So next time you are heading into work, stop by and grab a cup of coffee at the newest Seneca Street Tim Horton’s location and remember, your helping the environment and the children. The coffee tastes just a bit better when you think of it that way.

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