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BY: Kimberly Snickles, Cheektowaga Source | November 20, 2012

One tote. Two tote.

No more?

That was the question on the minds of residents at Monday’s board meeting, as they approached council members as to why they are only allotted two totes per duplex or apartment.

“Most communities don’t give you two totes, we’re just trying to help the departments out by giving two totes,” said Town Supervisor Mary Holtz. “The owner of the property will have to buy the additional totes.”

“Why should I have to purchase a tote? I’m paying taxes for that building; I ought to be able to have four totes for that building,” said one resident.

Although this news is nothing new to residents, who were told the number of totes they would receive, far in advance; single-family homes were to receive one tote, and apartments and duplexes would receive two.

Yet apartment owners do not agree this is fair because some apartments have more than two families living in each complex, and two totes would not suffice. Even though the totes are not extremely expensive (95-gallon totes are $45, 64-gallon is $40) and have a 10-year warranty, residents still do not believe they should have to pay for them.

Councilwoman Angela Wozniak brought up the point that landlords are profiting from receiving rent from their tenants, and therefore they should be responsible for purchasing additional totes for their residents if necessary.

“As a property owner and a business owner you are profiting from your tenants who pay you rent and it’s up to you if you need more for your tenants,” she said. “You can purchase more but we didn’t want to put that extra cost that you’re profiting from, on our residents.”

Holtz also explained that the totes last much longer than regular garbage cans and once one is purchased, it’s guaranteed to last, giving residents their moneys worth.

“A tote costs $40, it’s guaranteed for 10 years so it last 10 years,” said Holtz. “If anything goes wrong with it, we replace it. Now how many garbage cans do you buy in ten years? You do not have to purchase another tote for 10 years,” said Holtz.

The town assured residents they have done plenty of research on the subject of totes; as of now the town said their main priority is getting all the totes distributed to residents and then they will work out the kinks.

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