April 25, 2014

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Barker Chocolate Box gets new location

BY: Metro Source Staff | January 06, 2013

Everyone is crying, “oh, fudge” now that Barker Chocolate Box has set up shop in the Main Place Mall, located between the Liberty Building and Main Place Tower on Main Street in Buffalo.

And when they do, it’s because they can’t decide if their favorite fudge is chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, chocolate with cayenne pepper, chocolate raspberry, goat milk or any of the dozen or so flavors of fudge available.

That cry is a sweet sound for Cindy Jex, owner of Barker Chocolate Box.

The Barker Chocolate Box’s candy kitchen is located in Barker so Jex wasn’t sure if setting up shop in the Main Place Mall was a good idea or not.

“Some people thought it was a long-shot for me to serve up our chocolate candies and treats here in the former Fannie Farmer location at Main Place,” said Jex. “I am glad I decided to make the move. It’s been very busy and I am loving it.”

Jex and her staff have been introducing downtown Buffalo shoppers to her homemade, hand-turned fudges and her bonbons, truffles, crunches, barks and nut brittle.

“We also have a line of baked goods … we are selling a lot of cookies, designer cupcakes and my special product, Grampy’s Apple Elderberry Pie Filling,” she said.

Jex said Grampy’s Apple Elderberry Pie Filling is a one-of-a-kind product because it is her father’s original recipe and the pie filling is named after what her children called him.

According to Jex, it’s a sweet and sassy blend of apple and elderberry that is only available from Barker Chocolate Box that she is quite proud of.

“We are on the road a lot with our chocolates and baked goods, so it has been a nice change of pace to have a shop,” said Jex. “We got a great big Buffalo welcome and we are happy to share our sweets with our new fans.”

As Barker Chocolate Box settles into the shop at Main Place Mall, chocolate lovers can still find Jex’s fudges and candies on weekends at her booth at Honeymoon Trail Winery, 4120 Ridge Road in Lockport.

Chocolates are also available at Apple Blossom Florist, 530 Main St. in Medina, Black Willow Winery, 5565 W. Lake Road in Burt and at many events all over Western New York.

Barker Chocolate Box’s monthly schedule of events is posted on the shop’s website so chocolate lovers know where to find their favorites.

“Now that we have moved into the Main Place Mall, our new customers are also finding us online,” said Jex. “They have discovered that our signature polka dot candy gift boxes from Barker Chocolate Box and Grampy’s Apple Elderberry Pie Filling are the perfect items to send someone you love.”

Barker Chocolate Box at the Main Place Mall is open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday though Friday.

For more information or to place a special order visit www.barkerchocolatebox.com or call 572-4940.

All items are made to order.

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