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BY: Kori Sciandra | October 31, 2012

TONAWANDA - At the recent Town of Tonawanda Town Board meeting held Monday, Oct. 29, the board approved the request to move forward with town water improvement projects.

A public hearing was held regarding waterline improvements relative to a bond issue in the amount of $5 million.

Director of Water Resources Ken Maving said a few words on behalf of the project.

“The waterline project is one that was in the Critical Water Study, which was completed in 2007. We are following our water recommendations ,as far as prioritizing our waterline replacements. This project will be similar to what we did on Parker Boulevard, in conjunction with what we did on the Parker/Fries Phase One project, where we put a 12-inch waterline down Parker that replaced a waterline on either side of the street,” said Maving. “This project will go on Delaware Road from Brighton in the north, all the way south past Sheridan Drive, down to Highland. That entire stretch will be on the roadway. Then we will cross over into the right-of-way on the west side in front of Kenmore-West High School and proceed south to Deerhurst.”

The project is expected to take place in July and August. Maving stated that both phases will be completed in 2013 and hopes to get the bud out early next year so that the town can hire an engineer.

Other waterline projects in the town:

• The Orchard/Cleveland Project is progressing. Maving stated the lining of the sewers was completed as of Oct. 11. Repairs were made where the integrity of the sewer was questionable. Approximately 175-feet of pipes were repaired in different locations throughout the town. Work on manholes is also being completed.

• The town is approaching the closing of the Parker/Fries Interceptor Project Phase One (Waterline Improvements) was awarded to Kandey Company, Inc., at a decrease of $363,058.43. The project is ahead of where it was expected to be, due to a lack of encountering poor soil.

Supervisor Anthony Caruana’s budget was submitted to the town board and the necessary changes have been made. There will be a public hearing held Thursday, Nov. 8.

Those changes include the reduction of the budget appropriations for personal services and the related fringe benefits for various funds and special districts for a total of $900,141; and reducing the estimated revenues for the Water Acquisition and Storage District in the amount of $83,027.

Councilman Joe Emminger noted where he stands on the budget decisions.

“There is no bigger responsibility that any one of us on this town board have than to present a fiscally responsible budget to the residents of the town. The budget amendments that we are about to vote on now, will actually present a tax decrease for the residents of the town,” said Emminger. “We did that not by throwing millions of dollars down on our Fund Balance like some other municipalities have done, but by lowing our spending. Our spending is down over 8 percent this year and if you take out The Huntley Plant, spending is down approximately 3.6 percent from last year.”

He added, “That’s what the residents of the town elected us to do when they elected us. We think we produces a fiscally responsible budget. We have difficult challenges ahead of us, primarily because of our consent order with the DEC and our tens of thousands and hundreds of millions of dollars that we are going to be spending - It’s a good day for the town.”

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