April 24, 2014

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BY: Kimberly Snickles, Cheektowaga Source | November 15, 2012

It really was a delightful sight to see, as children enjoyed breakfast with their ultimate heroes, our veterans.

Cheektowaga Central Middle School held their second annual Veterans Day Breakfast, Wed. Nov. 14. Students invited their fathers, mothers, grandparents, and friends whom have all served our country proud.

The event was held in honor of a brother of one of the middle school teachers who was killed in combat in Afghanistan. It was the second day of honoring vets at the school, the first event was “A Day in the Life of a Soldier,” held Friday Nov. 2 and students were asked to participate by wearing red, white and blue.

“We wanted to promote patriotism and honor our veterans. We are just making this a part of our culture at Cheektowaga Central Middle School. We have a phenomenal committee that is very passionate about this,” said Cheektowaga Central Middle School Principle Brian Bridges.”

The breakfast included sausage, egg and cheese bagels, blueberry muffins, fruit, orange juice and milk. Veterans smiled from ear to ear as several students presented them with certificates of appreciation for their dedicated service to our county; students also read patriotic poems and held a moment of silence for those we have lost. Members of the school’s jazz band also prepared music for the vets to listen to and enjoy.

“The students at Cheektowaga Central are so patriotic. This is the best turnout I’ve seen so far. Kids don’t realize that in their own neighborhoods that there are veterans that need to be recognized,” said former president of the Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW, Mary Kreuzer. “They have to thank the veterans because if it wasn’t for the veterans, they wouldn’t be here today.”

One student at the middle school asked many questions to the veterans at his table, like what each pin he or she wore meant, and where they served. This interest was so endearing to the vets, who appreciated the youth’s curiosity. Most children look up to actors, and sports players, when their real hero is sitting right in front of them.

Bridges said the staff at Cheektowaga Central Middle School would continue to make sure our veterans are always recognized and honored in the school.

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2012-11-17 | 08:35:57
I would like to take a second and say a few words. I an thankful everyday to men and women who served, have served, are serving, and who will serve, thank you for all you have accomplished while serving. I would also like to say a special thank you to my family that are veterans, along with my brother Joshua flores who was able to spend the day with verterns and ask questions. This article mad me tear up very much so when I was reading up. More so i teared up when i noticed that the boy in that picture was my brother. That mad me realize that he truly cares about his country!