April 23, 2014

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This is the final draft of the CHA's mural to be displayed on the bistro.

BY: Kaitlin Fritz, Metro Source | March 04, 2013

The Clarence Hollow Association tries to do its part in beautifying the hollow. Last year, volunteers and members of the CHA made over a home on Main Street. Now, the CHA is on to adding a beautiful, colorful mural that will be seen by every person who drives down Main Street through the hollow.

Local artist Augustina Droze will paint a collage of historical buildings and images that will commemorate Clarence over the years. Droze is known for her work on a mural at a local high school in Buffalo. She came highly recommended from members of the CHA board.

The mural will be installed on the side of the Hollow Bistro and Brew, 10641 Main Street, Clarence.

President of the CHA, Jean O’Connell said this building was not only a prime location for the mural, but the owners, members of the CHA, also offered it to be the home for this colorful piece of art.

“Because of the location of it, with people coming down the hill, I think it’ll be a stopper,” said O’Connell. “It’ll get people to stop.”

Getting people to stop is a priority for the CHA. The CHA’s goal is to bring attention to the hollow. O’Connell said this mural will help the hollow look better and will definitely grab the attention of passersby.

The mural will be visible as drivers head down the Main Street hill towards the hollow.

O’Connell said the CHA hopes to have the mural installed this summer in conjunction with another CHA event. Droze will paint the mural in a studio and will be installed in panels. O’Connell said this will work best in the case that it may need to be moved and that it may hold up better to the weather conditions of this area.

The cost of the mural is about $10,000. Since that cost is not affordable by the CHA, fundraising is needed.

A $3,000 grant from “We Live NY” has been given for the mural and the CHA needs to match it with its own funds.

The CHA is also hoping that supplies for the mural, such as paint, can be donated as well. O’Connell said having donations such as this would help greatly with the cost.

Residents are encouraged to make donations to the CHA to help beautify the hollow. To make a donation, checks may be made to the Clarence Hollow Association, P.O. Box 422, Clarence, New York, 14031. For more information on the mural or donations, contact O’Connell at 472-0702 or email joconnell@grantsareus.com.

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