April 19, 2014

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BY: Metro Source Staff | December 12, 2013

CHEEKTOWAGA - This year, the students entering Queen of Heaven School were not only welcomed to a brand new computer lab, but a Chromebook Lounge as well. Each lab was completely refurbished with new wireless and furniture, as well as 20 new Chromebook laptops powered with Google Apps for Education.

The educational technology department at Queen of Heaven School, lead by computer teacher Aimee Bloom, has made tremendous strides in implementing Google Apps for Education with both students and teachers as well as becoming familiar with the Chromebook as a new learning tool.

Joanne Martinia, a junior high teacher at Queen of Heaven School states “Grades 5 through 8 are excited that they have been able to use the Chrome Lab for various projects in Social Studies, Religion, Language Arts, and Reading. Students not only do the research they need, they are able to do their reports right on Google Docs, and share them with me, which is eliminating doing the reports on paper. For the first time, I also was able to help students find the information they needed, and share it with them on their Google Drive, instead of printing it out and handing it to them. All they had to do was look on their Drive, and access the information that I was able to help them with, for their report. Nice change!”

The third grade teacher, Kathleen Scheiber, has warmly welcomed the Google experience as a new tool. “The children are so excited to be working with the Chromebooks. They can’t wait to learn these new skills. I also enjoy watching them teach and remind each other about how to do a specific skill that they were taught. It gives the students an opportunity to pass on what they know to someone who has forgotten or isn’t as proficient with the computer.“

The Chromebooks have added so much to the skill set of each student who attends Queen of Heaven School. “The Chromebooks open up a whole new world for my classes. As educators, we have a responsibility to prepare our students for an ever changing 21st century. Due to the accessibility of technology here at Queen of Heaven, the digital literacy of our students has increased exponentially. Every day, our students are immersed in student centered learning that caters to different learning styles and engages my students in wonderfully creative ways” says Riley O’Connor, a Junior High history teacher.

Teachers, not just students, also embrace the age of Google. “Google Apps for Education, as well as the Google Chromebooks, have provided staff an amazing way to collaborate and share projects with one another online. We share schedules and lessons; Chromebook Lab Sign out sheets and surveys; student work and staff notes- just to name a few. We have started to become a paperless environment, and it is all thanks to Google” added Aimee Bloom.

Together, with the Chromebook as a tool; and Google Apps for Education as a resource, the students at Queen of Heaven School eagerly conquer the technology skills of the 21st century.

Photo 1: left to right: Brigid Molloy, Eli Feneziani, Sean Melligan, Grace Surdej

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