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Wynonna Judd Comes to Seneca Allegany Casino in Salamanca

Country Singer Wynonna Judd

BY: Melanie Hulick | October 07, 2013

Wynonna Judd Comes To

Seneca Allegany Casino in Salamanca

By Melanie Hulick

Country superstar and Best Selling author, Wynonna, will make a stop at Seneca Allegany Casino for one show Sunday, October 20th at 5pm.

One half of the mother daughter duo �The Judds�, who are known for mega hits like �Mamma He�s Crazy� and �Grandpa (Tell Me �Bout The Good Old Days)�, and who won every major award from the early 1980�s to 1991, the singer has proven she is a fierce solo artist with her unmistakable powerful voice.

For a decade The Judds were unstoppable, selling more than 20 million albums, and as a solo artist, more than 10 million albums sold has been added to her amazing 30 year career, which not only includes some of the biggest hits in country music but you can add Best Selling author to the list with 2005�s memoir, �Coming Home To Myself� and 2012�s fictional work �Restless Heart�.

Judd�s story is one of triumph over adversity, not only in her musical career, but also in her personal life, when in August of 2012 her husband and drummer, Michael �Cactus� Moser, lost a leg in a terrible motorcycle accident.

I had the chance to speak with the singer on one of her rare days off from her tour and we talked about the accident, her stint on Dancing With The Stars and her connection to the area.

What has kept the country legend going for over 30 years? �For me it�s about following your passion. I decided I�m going to be 50 next year and I am going to try and get away with as much as possible,� she said laughing.

With a new single out, �Something You Can�t Live Without�, which is part of her new album she is working on, Wynonna is back doing what she was born to do.

Telling her that I was looking forward to her upcoming show and that I have seen her before she quickly responded, �Oh, but I�m so sassy now� so you better watch out!� Adding, �I hope everyone will come out. I guarantee you we�ll laugh, cry and celebrate.�

For ticket information visit: www.senecacasinos.com

For more information on Judd visit: www.wynonna.com

A Conversation with Wynonna Judd

By Melanie Hulick

HULICK: You�re a five time Grammy award winner, a Best Selling author�

JUDD: Oh, stop it! (laughs)

HULICK: Is there anything else you want to do that you haven�t done?

JUDD: Brain surgery.


JUDD: (laughs) I love it! You�re like what?

HULICK: (laughs) Well my mind wasn�t prepared to hear that.

JUDD: I know� that�s why I said it. Honestly I am in a state of shock that I�ve gotten away with as much as I have that I don�t have an answer for that. I just live and keep walking and God directs me in my path.

HULICK: Describe yourself to me.

JUDD: I am very much about being a dreamer. You wake up one day and you have this dream, and I know it�s corny, but �build it and they will come�. I just believe strongly in trying� well when I do my speaking engagements I ask the audience, �What would you do if you knew you couldn�t fail?� You can just see the light go on in people. I cannot tell you how many letters I get from people that say, �You know what? If you can do it, I know I�m going to try and do it.� Then I get a letter saying, �I did it!�

HULICK: You are very inspirational to people all over the world Wynonna, especially women.

JUDD: It�s absolutely thrilling to be an example of taking chances. You may not succeed every time, but I can tell you one thing� when you do it is pure bliss.

HULICK: You just finished a long string of shows. Is it difficult to keep up that pace when you have so much going on in your life?

JUDD: I just did nine shows in 11 days and it almost killed me. (laughs) But I had so much fun and I came home absolutely exhausted. I stayed in bed yesterday just resting. That�s what I do� I literately go as if it�s the last tour, because God knows with what I�ve been through with Cactus, that your life can get down to seconds, not even moment to moment� seconds. So for me I have a totally new found appreciation for every single day.

HULICK: How is Cactus doing?

JUDD: He�s in the next room doing physical therapy, which is a daily process. He�s going to always be in a process so he can be moving and grooving and be the animal that he is again. A guy just got in touch with my manager and said they just developed an aquatic leg and they would like Cactus to be the spokesperson.

HULICK: Wow! That�s amazing. You never know what miracle can come from such a tragedy.

JUDD: That is so true. You gotta keep the faith.

HULICK: Let�s talk about Dancing With The Stars.

JUDD: Oh, people were like� what the heck is she doing that for? I was terrified but I decided to do it because I�ve been in a room for nine months taking care of my husband and I just wanted to jump back in the game.

HULICK: Well you were awesome.

JUDD: Well you know what I was? I was a student. First of all you wear those stinking high heels! I�m telling you that there were days when I couldn�t even get out of bed. I had ice on my legs constantly. To start out we were practicing four hours a day for eight weeks. So while I was practicing for the show I went to �Hollyweird� and got an apartment, which you might as well stick me in the middle of Manhattan. I live on a 1,000 acre farm, so I�m not a big city girl. I showed up, I tried and God spared me because when I got home, although I was sad to leave Tony Dovolani and the team work, I was glad to get back to work on my album, which is what my gift is. You know I don�t usually talk about this, but I will tell you this, because I think it�s important for other women who read this. I was a size eight before the accident. I was a newlywed; I had all the cute clothes hanging in the closet. I went from that to a nurse. I gained weight, I didn�t exercise every day. I took care of my husband, that�s what we do. So I did DWTS knowing I wasn�t in shape because I wanted women to see how to accept where you are today. You may not be where you want to be, but you�re sure as heck not where you were. So that was my message.

HULICK: Do you have a connection to the Buffalo area?

JUDD: Yes, half of my family lives in Buffalo. I was raised Italian, my grandparents came from Sicily, and a lot of my �peeps� are up in the Buffalo area. I love playing that area. I�ve always had a great following and support system there.

HULICK: This interview will be appearing in the first �Ellicottville Snowed-In� issue of the season. Maybe we will have snow when you get here.

JUDD: Hey, bring it on sister!

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