Gardening in any sized space

gardening-in-any-size-spaceBelieve you need an acre of property to start gardening? Think again. Individuals can grow their own patch of greenery in just about any space they have on hand.Read More

Cool Climate Gardening

Cool Climate GardeningA home garden doesn't have to go into hibernation just because the cooler weather has arrived. Plant lovers can ensure their yards are full of life even when the mercury drops. Read More

Harvesting a Healthier Garden

Harvesting-Healthier-Garden(MS) -- Spring is here at last! Most of us can't wait to shake off the winter blues, to get out into the sunshine, walk the dog, play catch with the kids or just take a stroll in the park. Read More

Plant Up a Garden with a New Kit Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile

(MS) -- If the thought of growing a lovely vegetable garden is appealing but you're overwhelmed and intimidated by the thought of starting your own garden, set your fears aside and get on the gardening bandwagon.Read More

"Winning" Daylily Program Announces Lemony-Fresh 2013 Winner

Container-Gardening-Choosing-The-Right-Plant-For-The-PotIt's time to think about adding refreshing color and zest to your garden. Lemonn Vista, the 2013 All-American Daylily winner, is both America's favorite garden color and is an excellent repeat bloomer, providing a long-term color display.Read More

Container Gardening: Choosing The Right Plant For The Pot

By: NAPSA It's a growing trend: Twenty-one million households are planting container gardens. It saves space, helps control pests and overcome soil issues, and lets you enjoy fresh, homegrown produce even without a yard.Read More

Soup Up Your Yard With Homegrown Super fruits

Homegrown Super Fruits
Black Lace elderberry can beautify the landscape and provide bumper crops of nutritious fruits. Sweet Lifeberry goji produces antioxidant-packed berries of exceptional vigor, flavor and size. Read More

Armyworm numbers reach epidemic levels; wacky weather spurs other damage

Garden Worms Epidemic Levels
Wheat and hay crops are being damaged by an epidemic of armyworms, but unless your yard backs up to a wheat field, your lawn probably will not be affected.

Read More

Open Gardens: Walk through beautiful gardens Hamburg, Eden, East Aurora, Orchard Park and South Buffalo

We're all familiar with the many garden walks in Western New York, but open gardens are another way for you to view beautiful gardens and get ideas and inspiration for your own landscape. Read More

Six gardening tips for growing successful tomatoes

There ’s nothing like a freshly picked tomato. You can grow tomatoes, they’re easy. You don’t even need a garden. A simple container will do.Read More

Creating a lettuce bowl container garden

If you love salad and enjoy gardening, plant a “lettuce bowl” container garden.

It’s a quick and easy project. You don’t need much space, so you can have a lettuce bowl container garden on a sunny balcony, front stoop or just outside your kitchen door. Setting the container on a picnic table or other tabletop may discourage rabbits, slugs and other pests. Read More

All-Natural Fertilizer Options for the Garden

(Organic fertilizers can be just as effective as their chemical counterparts while providing health benefits chemical pesticides cannot.
Organic fertilizers are effective at strengthening the soil for both lawns and planting beds. There are a number of different materials the home gardener can try, some of which may already be around the house. Read More

Vegetable Gardening Tips

Vegetable gardens make great additions to any home garden, but home gardeners should know that not all vegetables should be planted year-round. Vegetables vary as to their optimal growing conditions, which often hinge on climate. Read More

Soil Solutions
Maintain Healthy Soil Through the Season

A lush lawn and garden is a part of many homeowners' dream home. A lawn that emanates green and a garden that's home to succulent vegetables is desirable to homeowners across the country.
Of course, such lawns and gardens take time and effort, and a host of factors will determine if a lawn and garden is something homeowners should be proud or ashamed of. One such factor is soil health. Healthy soil helps deliver food and water to plants, allowing them to thrive and add aesthetic appeal to homes. To maintain healthy soil, homeowners should consider the following tips. Read More

Perennials are a gardener's friend

Gardening is often seen as an art form to men and women with a green thumb. Once the landscape is designed, homeowners may not want to change much from year to year. That is where perennial plants can be an advantage.
Designing a landscape and keeping the garden looking beautiful can take a keen eye. Read More

Spring Garden Time

Few things are anticipated more in spring than the arrival of new leaves on the trees and budding flowers in the garden. A landscape awash with fresh colors can brighten the spirit and make anyone want to head outdoors.
There are many different plants that begin to show their colors in the spring. A number of perennials, annuals and trees begin to flower or show new sprouts come the springtime. Here are some plants that can be planted for springtime enjoyment. Read More

The 7 Easiest Vegetables to Grow at Home

Rising costs at the supermarket and worries about unhealthy pesticides or preservatives on foods has led many people to start a vegetable garden at home.
Growing vegetables is easier than one would think. Plus, you don't need an expansive plot of land to grow a garden. Many popular varieties can be grown right in containers or in compact spaces.Read More