Gardening in any sized space

Believe you need an acre of property to start gardening? Think again.

Soup Up Your Yard With Homegrown Super fruits

Black Lace elderberry can beautify the landscape and provide bumper crops of nutritious fruits. Sweet Lifeberry goji produces antioxidant-packed berries of exceptional vigor, flavor and size. Read More


Restoring your Lawn after a long winter

One of the best things about the dawn of spring and the return of warmer weather is the chance to get out of the house and get some fresh air. For homeowners, this is the perfect opportunity to assess any damage the previous months did to yards and develop a plan restore properties. Read More


Grass-Free Landscaping a Viable Alternative

Concrete landscape edging is one continuous piece of concrete poured on site, which allows us to create virtually any color, shape and design. It is an affordable way to beautify your landscape.

Many homeowners equate a beautiful landscape to rolling acres of pristine lawn. Read More

Natural Fencing Options for the Yard

A backyard can be a sanctuary for some people. It's a place to which individuals can retreat, offering an extension of living space in the great outdoors. Chances are, a homeowner prefers to have his or her yard fenced in to maintain privacy. But homeowners aren't always fond of traditional fencing materials. A natural fence can be an option that offers a bounty of benefits. Read More

Pruning Tips for Trees and Shrubs

Homeowners typically spend lots of time caring for their property. Be it a modest ranch house or a mansion on top of a hill, a home's outside appearance is often a point of pride for homeowners. Read More

Spring Garden Time

Few things are anticipated more in spring than the arrival of new leaves on the trees and budding flowers in the garden. A landscape awash with fresh colors can brighten the spirit and make anyone want to head outdoors.
There are many different plants that begin to show their colors in the spring. A number of perennials, annuals and trees begin to flower or show new sprouts come the springtime. Here are some plants that can be planted for springtime enjoyment. Read More